And Here We Go!

By | November 3, 2016

Hello my friend!languages are easy

Today 3.11.2016 we are starting publishing content on You can go to About -page to read my story about learning. You will also find out what is this website all about.

We will be publishing content 2 times a week, every Sunday and Wednesday. Every article will be very helpful for your language learning covering several topics:

  • How to Learn a Language Effectively? – Without Using a Minute of Your Time!
  • How to Find a Language Partner Online?
  • How to Learn Languages for Free?
  • Why German/Spanish/French is Easy?
  • And much more!

Then I will be sharing you several language learning resources on the Internet which will help you to master language faster than ever. I will write you for example about following products:

  • Italki
  • Hellotalk
  • Duolingo
  • And other wonderful resources!

So stay tuned and you will learn languages faster than ever before!

6 thoughts on “And Here We Go!

  1. Harper


    Language is something that I’ve always been interested in! From living in Puerto Rico for 14 months, learning Spanish was definitely a challege.

    This is a wonderful idea and I hope to see more content as time goes on!

    Your site also has a great layout that’s easy to navigate and understand. Good luck to you, sir!


    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Harper,

      Wow, I believe that 14 months in Puerto Rico must have been a wonderful experience! Did you manage to speak Spanish fluently? I think that only few people speak English in that country. But is good if you want to learn a language! And even if you don’t want, the environment forces you to learn which can be good too. Of course it takes efforts but one step at a time :).

      I believe you will enjoy my content. Keep on a channel 🙂


  2. Neil

    I used to learn French at school and I loved it! However, when I left school, I stopped learning French.

    But at 35 years old, it would be great to learn the language again and also other languages. I was thinking perhaps Spanish and/or Italian.

    Your website sounds like an awesome resource for learning languages, and I’ll definitely be returning for your help.

    Neil 🙂

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Neil,

      French is a beautiful language. In my opinion it sounds so nice when native French people speak. I think one thing that helps language learning is that you really like the language. Some language “gurus” say that you need to fall in love with a language to learn it faster (Falling in love with a native speaker also helps haha).

      You can definitely learn Spanish and/or Italian. Both of them have a lot of similarities to English so it wouldn’t be too difficult for you. I wish you all the best with language learning. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me :).


  3. Christina Sallem

    Hello Roope,

    The topics you would like to cover in this website increase my curiosity on how the acquisition of new languages can be instant for you and how reading them benefit me in accelerating my language learning, too.

    I am actually not very ambitious about knowing multiple languages, but somehow speaking only my mother tongue (Bahasa Indonesia) and English doesn’t seem enough to reach the carrier paths I wish for, in a sense that better communication builds better connections and access to many opportunities of both study and job offered throughout the world.

    I hope you are as optimistic as I am. As more secrets of your easy language learning revealed, more and more people would learn from this website and the phrase “languages are easy” will be imprinted. Blow them away! 😀


    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Christina,

      thank you very much for your encouraging comment!

      I think that the fact that you are already speaking very good English can open many wonderful doors for you (also if you thinking about the job market). I have noticed that in Europe German is very useful language because it’s the most spoken native language in Europe. In addition, in German-speaking countries, the salary is quite good (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). In Asia other languages are important usually.

      I believe that will become a big thing and I am ready to “work my butt off” ;). Now I am publishing 2 articles every week on Wednesday and Sunday but maybe in the future even more when I don’t have to use so much time on my day job and other projects.

      I wish you lots of blessings Christina!



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