Yabla Spanish Review – Learn Spanish while Relaxing on Your Sofa!

By | January 25, 2017

Have you been looking for a practical way of using Spanish? Would you like to learn it effectively without using too much of your time? Then Yabla may be for you. In this Yabla Spanish review, I am going to show what this program is all about and how it can help you to learn Spanish. I will also talk about the downsides of this system to give you 100% honest review.

Yabla Spanish Review

Yabla Spanish Reviews

Name: Yabla Spanish
Website: www.Spanish.Yabla.com
Price: 8,95€/month, 49,95€/6 months or 89,95€/year
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

What Is Yabla Spanish All About?

Yabla is a great language learning resource where you can learn a new language by watching videos. Interviews, music videos, drama, and news from the real Spanish-speaking culture.

Everything you hear in the videos will be written below in Spanish and English. If you don’t understand any word that you see in the video, you can immediately check the translation. That is a fantastic feature!

When I was studying Spanish myself, I watched lots of videos on Youtube and then searched for translations for words in a dictionary. It took time because I needed to change a window, write a word and wait that the translation has loaded. Using Yabla would have been much easier because I can find the translation and the explanation for every word on the same page if I need it.

If you don’t want to see translations, you can hide it and see only Spanish subtitles. Or if you don’t want to see any subtitles, you can hide them all and just watch the video to learn Spanish.

Here you can see a video that quickly explains to you what is Yabla. For even better and a more interesting video, check Yabla Spanish website.

What Are the Main Benefits Of Using Yabla Spanish?

There are several benefits in Yabla Spanish:

  • You will learn from natives
  • You can learn Spanish listening and reading at the same time
  • You can quickly learn new words without changing the page
  • This method is suitable for all learning levels: Beginners, intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers
  • It’s a relaxing way of learning Spanish

I like a lot this kind of methods of learning a new language. I don’t like so much sitting in a classroom and trying to learn those long grammar lists because it’s far from natural. With Yabla Spanish I could study anywhere. I just take my laptop/tablet and play a new video.

Many times you learn faster when you are enjoying what you are doing. If you don’t like studying boring vocabulary lists, don’t do it. Instead, take a relaxing position on your couch and play a new video on Yabla. You will learn much faster and it’s even 10 times more enjoyable.

=> Try Yabla Spanish today!

Yabla Spanish

In Yabla Spanish, you can see English and Spanish subtitles below.

Who Is the Yabla Spanish for?

In my opinion, Yabla Spanish is beneficial for all levels. I am fluent Spanish speaker and my first thought was, “Hmm… Maybe this Yabla would only be suitable for beginners and intermediate speakers.” But when I checked a few of their sample videos, I realized that I could still benefit from their videos even though I am already a fluent speaker.

They have total basic videos like, “Hola! Soy Mario. ¿Cómo estás?” (=Hello! I am Mario. How are you) But then they have also videos for intermediate and advanced learners. If you are already fluent in Spanish, you can watch their videos for advanced learners.

Some of them can be challenging even though you are speaking a fluent Spanish because in sometimes Spanish people speak so quickly and don’t pronounce “s” always. For example, in some parts of Spain they “Nos comemos” like -> [no comemo]. When you watch more of Yabla videos, you start to recognize all little nuances and take your Spanish to the highest level.

What Is the Price of Yabla Spanish?

You can watch a few sample videos in www.Spanish.Yabla.com for free. But if you want to learn more Spanish with Yabla, you will need a premium membership.

The price of Yabla Spanish is very affordable because a monthly membership is only 8,95€/month, 49,95€/6 months or 89,95€/year. Compare, for example, to a Spanish course in a local language school. It may cost hundreds of euros for 20 lessons. In Yabla you can get almost much more lessons for less than 9€/month. The difference is huge. With Yabla you may also learn much faster than by having formal lessons.

I would recommend taking first Yabla Spanish for one month and if you like it, extend your membership to annual or to 6 months so that you will save money.

Yabla Spanish Review

Ýabla Pricing

What Are the Downsides of Yabla?

None language learning program is perfect, and neither is Yabla. Some user mentioned that some of Yabla’s videos don’t have a “good taste” so they wouldn’t be safe for children. That can be true, but then you can, of course, choose from 1,500 different learning videos and you don’t need to watch those that you don’t want. There are around 30 categories to choose from: sports, drama, travel, student life, etc.

Some language programs have a system that gives you points after accomplishing tasks. In Yabla they could give you points, for example, watching videos and the more videos you have watched, the higher you would move in a leaderboard. It is just an idea how to get users more motivated to watch more videos and to learn more Spanish. Now you need to motivate yourself to watch videos on Yabla.

I recommend taking a habit of watching at the same time every day. Then you don’t need willpower when learning Spanish with Yabla has become a habit.

Yabla spanish review

Yabla Spanish has videos for all levels (check their star rating)

Pros & Cons


  • Videos are 100% native speakers, speaking in real Spanish
  • Very efficient way of learning -> you learn listening and reading at the same time
  • Vocabulary quickly available -> Learn words faster
  • “Easy” way of learning Spanish


  • You need to motivate yourself to watch their lessons
  • Some videos don’t have a good taste

My Final Opinion of Yabla Spanish

In my opinion, Yabla is an excellent tool to learn Spanish. It’s easy-to-use and very useful. Yabla Spanish beats local language courses like 100-0.

But remember that to reach fluency in Spanish, it’s also important to speak with someone. Watching videos in Yabla can be very helpful but don’t leave it there. Use your new vocabulary in also in a “real life.” 😉

=> Start Learning Spanish with Yabla!


Have you used Yabla Spanish or other versions of Yabla? Did you find it useful? Leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “Yabla Spanish Review – Learn Spanish while Relaxing on Your Sofa!

  1. Ryan

    This seems like a great way to learn such an exotic language. So are the videos of Spanish natives teaching you to speak Spanish in Spanish? I love that idea instead of listening to audio files.
    Does this particular system have other languages on offer or do they only have Spanish?
    If this video method is that effective I wonder if it works abroad

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes, you understood right. There are Spanish natives teaching you to speak Spanish in Spanish.

      They have also versions for other languages like German, Chinese, French etc. I will take a closer look at them later.

      I think this video method is very effective. I learned lots of Spanish also by listening podcasts and audios but watching videos is even more effective because then you can read the subtitles too.


  2. Kegan

    Another great one! Classes are always intimidating and probably the real reason I’ve always failed at becoming bilingual, it’s cool to know you can learn a language from your couch without being awkward or making mistakes in front of others who may be more advanced than a beginner such as myself!

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Kegan,

      I think it’s a powerful idea that anyone can learn a new language while relaxing on their sofas. And it’s 100% true. There are so many online resources that one can practice while laying on the sofa. Then you can talk with native speakers on Italki.

      It’s sad that some people think classes would be the most beneficial way to learn a new language. If some people don’t like studying on classes they may think that they are not talented. Then they give up. But actually they could learn much faster outside of super-expensive classes.


  3. Mariam

    Hello, Roope, thank you for the Yabla Spanish review. I like to learn as many languages as I can. I am happy I came across your review.
    Yabla is the good way to learn the language for me as I also don’t have time to sit down in class and learn.
    How long does it take one to learn Spanish using the product on average?

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Mariam,

      yeah, many people don’t find classroom-style natural and efficient. Many times it’s also very expensive. That’s why Yabla is a great option. It’s ultimately cheap and effective.

      I can’t give you the exact time on how long will it take in Spanish using Yabla. But I can tell you that the more you use it, the faster you progress. When you use it daily, you will make progress every single day. If you are also using additional methods, for example, talking with Spanish people, then your progress will be very fast.


  4. Gary

    I have tried several times to learn Spanish on my own. I even would listen to Spanish language CDs while driving. It all went in one ear and out the other.

    But, I like the Yabla approach to teaching Spanish. I know how to relax on the sofa, so maybe I can actually learn Spanish with Yabla.

    The pricing is very reasonable. It’s worth about $10 to give it shot. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Gary,

      did you have the right level when you were studying Spanish in your car? If you have the right audio program you wil learn for sure if it’s a suitable leverl for you. Maybe you don’t see the progress immediately but if you keep on doing it day in and day out, huge progress will happen.

      Yabla will also be very useful for you because there you can learn new words, grammar and pronunciation. The only thing you’ll miss is speaking but you can practice it on other resources.



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