Frantastique Review – A Crazy But Very Effective Way to Learn French!

By | June 19, 2017

Would you like to learn French in a modern and a fun yet effective way?

Then Frantastique could be an interesting French learning resource for you. More than 3 million people worldwide have used their method to learn French. Language expert Olly Richards said that Frantastique beats conventional learning with textbooks like 100-0.

In this article, I am going to show what is Frantastique and how it will help you to master French.

Frantastique Review

frantastique reviewName: Frantastique
Price: Free Trial Available

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

What Is Frantastique?

Frantastique is a modern French online course that helps you to learn step by step. They use contemporary methods through videos and exercises so it’s far from old-fashioned classroom learning.

The word Frantastique comes from the words France and fantastique (Fantastic in French).

This video explains in a simple and understandable way what it Frantastique and how does it work in practice.

What Are the Main Benefits Of Using Frantastique?

Sometimes it may feel challenging to maintain the habit of studying your target language every day. That’s why it’s good that Frantastique moves forward day by day. They send you daily a new 15-minute lesson.

frantastique review

A reminder of a new lesson comes to your email every day.

Sometimes we use the excuse that we don’t have time to learn a new language but if we really want to learn French, then time excuse is not very good. You can make great progress by using only 15 minutes every day.

How Does Frantastique Work?

Frantastique has an animation story in French where the main character is Victor Hugo and aliens. It sounds funny and it is! 😉 You will learn new vocabulary easily by watching the videos because there are also subtitles in French.

After a lesson, they have many exercises that will help you to learn new vocabulary and grammar from related to the animation video. Here are some examples of their exercises:

frantastique review

Frantastique language exercises are closely related to the animation story that they show you.

In the end of the each lesson, they have “Le dessert du jour” (The desert of the day). It’s one short piece of information related to French culture.

After you have gone through all the exercises of the day, you will click the button “Envoyer” (send). Then after 10 seconds, you will get the feedback and the right results for your exercises. It’s great that they don’t show results when you are doing them because then there would a temptation to cheat.

Now you will see which things you have already learned and what you need to improve. Frantastique will also tailor the coming lessons to suit your needs and level.

What do you think about their methods? In my opinion, it’s very well organized but still entertaining and compelling.

=> Take a 7-Day Free Trial with Frantastique!

Frantastique Reviews

I have read many Frantastique reviews and it seems that all of them are positive. It’s quite hard to find any complaints regarding their system. Here is a short review from Robbie:

frantastique review

Robbie really enjoyed using Frantastique. “It’s the best way of learning French in the galaxy!” He said.

Robbie compares Frantastique to other language learning methods like Babbel and Duolingo but said that they are not as good as Frantastique. I always recommend investing in your education because it will pay dividends even when the years pass by. World’s second richest man Warren Buffett said that the best investment you can do is to invest in yourself.

Frantastique teaches you also different accents of French if you want to learn differences between Canadian French and the spoken French in France. One review pointed out that there is not very much speaking practice in Frantastique.

Benny Lewis always teaches that speaking from day 1 is the most important principle for learning a new language. You can easily practice your speaking skills in Italki (I offer $10 bonus for those who register through my links).

Frantastique Cost

You can get a completely free trial for Frantastique. They will send lessons to your email daily (or even more often if you request).

The premium membership courses for Frantastique depend on the length of your membership. If you buy, for example, one year in advance, you will get a much cheaper price compare if you would pay once each month.

Pros & Cons:


  • Frantastique helps you to learn French step-by-step
  • They modify the course automatically to suit your current level
  • Daily reminder helps you to make constant progress
  • They offer a variety of different exercises
  • Almost everyone who tried their methods gave a positive review
  • You will get an immediate feedback after finishing your daily exercises
  • Learning with a cartoon story doesn’t even feel like studying


  • If you are already fluent in French (C1) then this course wouldn’t probably help you a lot. It’s better for beginners and for intermediate level French students.
  • Frantastique is a bit pricey (but many people say it’s worth the benefit)

Conclusion – Is Frantastique Worth It?

I think the best way to find out if Frantastique is the best way of learning French for you is to take their free trial. I’m sure that Frantastique will help you a lot to learn French but you may also like other ways of studying it online.

Their premium course is not the cheapest one out there but it for sure boosts your French skills faster than many other courses online. If you compare Frantastique or other online resources to a local language school, they beat the local school like 100-0 in price and in quality.

I have participated some local courses to learn French or German and in the school, I studied Swedish, English, and Spanish. However, I feel that studying in the classes never gave me such fast progress as studying a new language online or by practicing with other people naturally.

What is your experience? What kind of methods has given the fastest progress for you?

Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Frantastique Review – A Crazy But Very Effective Way to Learn French!

  1. Kristof

    Thanks for the great review of Frantastique. I used to learn French at school and would like to use what I learnt and learn more, so I’ll probably look closer into the Frantastique.

    Your right studying at school is not the same as learning to speak in real life.

    Are there any resources you would recommend to learn German?

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Kristof,

      for German and for any other language I recommend Fluent in 3 Months course by Benny Lewis

      Then for practicing German with other language students and native speakers I recommend Italki community. You will get a $10 bonus by registering through my links.

      And the third great resource for learning German is LingQ. It’s a language game and training center created by Steve Kaufman who speaks 16 languages himself. He has used his own software LingQ for learning several languages.

      I am sure these help resources you a lot for mastering German.



  2. JuDy

    After taking high school Spanish and being chosen to represent our high school at a university competition, I began to love languages. 

    Although I’m still not fluent in any foreign languages, your site makes me reconsider taking another course to remedy that situation. I really think the visual aids along with the audio portions could make a huge difference!

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Judy,

      you can find tons of helpful resources for learning Spanish, French, German, Chinese or any language you want on

      Do you suggest adding visuals and audio files to my website or do you refer to language learning? I think they work for both 🙂


  3. Cindy

    Hi Roope.

    I was reading your About page and I must admit it is very interesting that I just continued reading it till finish. 

    I’ve been interested in learning Mandarin and even took classes one time but it dd not help me much. I think yours is a winning site. It looks good!

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Cindy,

      thank you very much for your positive feedback. 

      You can learn Mandarin online for sure while having lots of fun. Have you taken a look at Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis? Benny has gathered there also lots of resources for learning Mandarin.

      Then you can find other Mandarin students and native speakers in Italki.

      You can enlarge your vocabulary with LingQ and other useful tools.

      The resource for learning Mandarin are literally limitless. I am sure you will learn it over the time course if you want.


  4. vinaya

    Looks like Fantastique is the kind of course that I was looking for. I wish you had told how much the course cost if one month subscription was paid in advance. Before I enroll on any course I need to check out whether I can afford it or not. I am from a third world country with a poor economy. One USD is converted into 104 rupees. I need a lot of money to buy a course that might cost $100.


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