French Today Review – Average Rating 4,89 Out Of 5 Stars Based on 370+ Certified Customer Reviews

By | August 6, 2023

Today I will reveal you a wonderful resource for learning French. It’s called French Today. Some say it’s the best and the easiest way to learn French.

In this review I will walk you through what do they provide and what is my personal opinion about their products and services. I believe that you will enjoy this! Spend the next 2 minutes with me and let’s dig deeper into French Today.

French Today Review

French Today ReviewName: French Today


Price: Depends on the product

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

What Is French Today?

French Today is a movement created by a native French family, Camille and Olivier. They both have also a U.S. citizenship as they have lived also in the U.S. but back in 2009, the family moved back to France to raise their daughter among her family and enjoy a quieter, more family-oriented life.

Camille has more than 20 years of experience of teaching French so we can confidently say that she is very well qualified. Compared to Francais Authentique by Johan Tekfak who doesn’t have a formal education for teaching French and has fewer years of experience of teaching French. I’m not saying that Francais Authentique would be worse than French Today but I am pointing out how good teacher we have in this program.

In this video, Camille explains what is the idea behind French Today and why their program is so powerful compared to traditional methods.

I am ultimately fascinated how just normal people can create these wonderful resources for learning French. The Internet provides so many exciting opportunities. That’s why I also started so I can help thousands (and hopefully millions in the future) of people to learn languages easily and while having fun.

If I would teach languages in a classroom, I could only reach tens of people at the same time. But now possibilities are much greater.

What Kind of Content Do They Provide?

French Today offers many different ways for you to learn French. Let me list different methods for you:

  • High-quality audiobooks
  • Blog
  • Youtube channel
  • Paris tours with an authentic French guide
  • Opportunities to live in a French teacher’s home in a beautiful and authentic French environment
  • Skype lessons
  • Children resources

As you can see there are many ways how you can learn French with French Today. Instead of providing only a podcast or a blog, you can learn French in real life with their Paris tours or with a total immersion by living at French speaker’s home for a week or so. Let’s take a closer look at their products.

French Today Review

Looks quite impressive!

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French Today Audiobooks

When I saw that they provide audiobooks, at first I was just thinking, well maybe they have just boring French novel for you to learn some vocabulary. But I was wrong. Their audiobooks are much better than I expected.

There is a real and an interesting story which is easy to follow. Teaching French with a story helps you to grab the authentic vocabulary that you will need in everyday life. But audiobooks don’t only consist of stories. There are also important grammar tips and resources that help you to understand how the language is formed. BUT. They don’t concentrate on teaching grammar in a boring way like many of us are used to study at school. French Today has more contemporary ways of teaching a language.

Then there are also sections where you will learn important phrases and tips on how you can use French in different kind of situations. All of this will practice you to use French in a real life instead of just studying the old textbooks.

Audiobooks are engaging and you don’t need to be passive while listening to them. You can have a free 2-hour sample by signing up on their email list or by downloading French Today application to your Android or Apple smartphone.

Audiobooks have 5 different level so you can choose the one that fits you the best: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Paris French Conversation Tours

I know from my own experience that even though you would be living abroad as an expat, you won’t learn a new language automatically. You need practice. You need to take conscious action if you want to master a new language. That’s why Paris French conversation tours can be a great choice for you if you are living in France or visiting Paris.

It’s a 2-hour tour where you will have a native French guide helping you to learn important phrases that you would need in an everyday life. You will also have an opportunity to use those phrases right away in real-life situations.

Tour will be arranged around a theme that you can choose beforehand. Here are some examples:

  • Village Paris: The hidden places of Montmartre
  • Paris Fashion Conversation Tour: Le Marais (hip fashion wear)
  • Timeless Paris: The little-known Latin Quarter.
  • Paris Pastry and Chocolate Conversation Tours
  • and so on.

The price of a tour is 139€ for one person and 19€ extra for the each additional person. I admit that the price is quite expensive and you can find much cheaper ways to practice French. You can look for an event, for example in or in Couchsurfing and practice French there with local Parisians. That’s what I did when I spent one month in Paris in 2015.

Live One Week with a French Teacher

I think this is a very creative idea to teach French for a foreigner. First of all I must say that this works best for people who don’t need to think about money. Because these opportunities are also quite pricey, around 1500€ per person for a week. But if you take an additional person(s), for example, your spouse, then the price per person will be cheaper.

Here are some details what one week with a French native teacher could contain:

  • 15 hours of French classes with a professional teacher personalized for your needs and (and homework if you want)
  • Very comfortable accommodation
  • Every day a breakfast and a lunch
  • At least 2 Excursions/activities in interesting local places in France
  • And something more
French Today Review

Most houses are quite luxurious and the environment is amazing.

If you have enough money, then these can be for you very interesting experiences and you can get a nice boost for your French skills in a week. If you don’t have so much money but you are interested in living in an authentic French family, you can try

French Today Skype Lessons

You can get French lessons through Skype with an experienced and a native French teacher. There are currently 4 teachers: David, Vanessa, Olivier and Camille. They all have lots of experience of teaching French and can greatly help you to improve.

The only big problem I see is that their lessons are ultimately expensive. It costs 50€ for one 50-minute lesson. It means that you are paying 1€ for each minute. I wouldn’t recommend paying so much. You can have much cheaper language lessons on Italki starting from 2€/hour or have a look at these awesome French learning online resources.

Blog and Youtube Channel

In their blog, you can find various lessons and tips on different topics. I saw that recently on their Youtube channel their daughter is teaching French vocabulary through Minecraft or Sims. What a creative idea! There are more than 200,000 views on their channel. In addition, they have a Facebook group with more than 53,000 likes.

All this tells us that French Today has already a huge number of followers. Camille and her husband have created a big community of French learners on the Internet. Their work has reached tens of thousands of learners worldwide and you can also benefit from their teachings.

Conclusion – French Today Is Great! What Do You Think?

I was very excited to find French Today. It inspires me how one family can great a huge language learning movement on the Internet that helps tens of thousands of French students worldwide. Their products are very high-quality and provide you a very good help for learning French.

If you have any questions or comments regarding French Today, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Now I would like to hear from you:

Have you ever used French Today? What about other French learning methods? Which one has been your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

As usual, I promise to reply personally to all of your comments within 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

14 thoughts on “French Today Review – Average Rating 4,89 Out Of 5 Stars Based on 370+ Certified Customer Reviews

  1. Mei Scarlet

    I have never used French Today – but it sounds like something that I would benefit from!! I have been using Rosetta Stone to learn French, and though I think it has many positive features, there is still so much it can’t teach you; simply because they ONLY use pictures to teach. How can I understand grammar with only pictures?

    I especially like the idea of a trip with the teacher, one week in the desired country; surrounded by the target culture and language – what an experience that would be! 🙂

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Mei,

      you are rigth that language games won’t probably teach you all the details about your target language. Still, I think that they are a great help for anyone who likes to learn languages. In addition, they are many times very “laid-back” so learning a new language can be very fun.

      French Today resources are cool and creative. It’s great that they offer this kind of possibilites to learn French.



  2. Dave

    I really love the contents of the program and the diversity of the social platforms they are using. The problem I have with them is the price. It’s very costly.

    If they gave it out for half the price I’d have considered. Do you know any similar programs that offer the same quality but with a cheaper price tag?

  3. SirenOnFire

    This is the first time I have learned about French Today and it seems very interesting! If Duolingo doesn’t work for me, I guess I’ll try this one. Learning through audio books have been very effective for me when I was still studying for my state board exam, so I think that in learning French, it would help me very much.

    It is a little bit expensive than the other language classes but I guess if you really want quality learning, then you’d have to be willing to pay for the best. Plus those audio books really fascinate me that it makes me really want to enroll in the program.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Duolingo will help you to reach a certain level but their courses won’t make you a fluent speaker. However, it’s great for getting started.

      Audiobooks are a great language learning resource and I enjoy using them. French Today courses are even much more comprehensive than just regular audiobooks because they’ll teach you many important details as well. In addition, the courses go forward in a comfortable speed you can catch up new words and phrases.

  4. jemuelterrado

    I love the program so much. Really interesting but just like other said it cost you too much money. For those people like me who don’t have enough money will need time to earn so that i can afford the prize so i could start learning from the program. Very great review and summary about the website and what you will learn deserves the money you will spend to.

  5. silvara28

    I guess the quality of the program is something that you have to look forward to. No matter how costly it is, I have a strong belief that you are willing to learn, you will pay for it. This sounds really nice and something and really catchy. Now, I find it nice to eager to learn more about this after watching it.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Silvara,

      I agree with you. It’s important to invest in your own education. I use often money for buying things and experiences that could help me to learn new things. I think that they will pay itself back in the long run many times.

  6. potentialwriter

    French Today is indeed one of the few French learning tools that most people prefer to use today. There are similar tools like French Today, but cost isn’t as much as this. Although I acknowledge that the tool is superb and loaded with lots of resources for learning, the cost can still be adjusted in order to make it more affordable. I also need a powerful learning tool like this, but at an affordable rate.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Potential Writer,

      which other tool are you talking about? I understand that French Today is cheaper than some free or cheap resources but the quality is top-notch in this one. If we compare the price for local language courses, French Today beats them like 100-0. 😉

      I think you already checked out my 7 awesome resources for learning French.

  7. vinaya

    French Today sounds a great tool for learning the French language. I have taken interest in the French language since a long time. After my failed attempt of learning the French language the traditional way, I am looking for a program that will help me learn French easily. I will first check the youtube channel. If I find interesting and useful, I may check French Today.


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