Speak a New Language in Hours! – Does the Michel Thomas Method Work?

By | March 29, 2017

Today we are going to take a look at the language learning method that has been created by “the best language teacher that has ever lived”. That is the name what some students of Michel Thomas call him. More than 5 million people have used his methods worldwide. Does the Michel Thomas Method Work? You will find an answer to this and many other questions on our informative review.

Michel Thomas Method Review

Name: Michel Thomas MethodDoes the Michel Thomas Method Work
Website: www.MichelThomas.com
Price: $13-150 Depending on the Course
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation)

What Is Michel Thomas Method?

Michel Thomas Method is an audio-based method which purpose is to make learning a new language fun and exciting. Too many times learning languages is considered as something hard or boring but Michel Thomas says that it doesn’t need to be like that. When Michel was alive, he taught languages for many famous people: Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Emma Thompson and so on. The rumor says that Michel was paid sometimes even £18,000 for each face-to-face lesson.

In Michel Thomas courses you don’t go through old textbooks in Michel Thomas but you will have lots of audio lessons. The courses contain also transcript booklets that make it easier for you to follow the lessons and to remember what you have just learned.

Does the Michel Thomas Method Work

Inspiring thought by Michel Thomas

Who Is Michel Thomas?

Michel Thomas is an ultimately famous language expert who lived from 1914 until 2005 when he died at the age of 90. Some language learners keep him as the best language teacher who has ever lived on Earth. Michel himself spoke 10 languages which are very impressive. There are people (also nowadays) who speak 40-50 different languages bus still achieving fluency in 10 languages is something remarkable.

We can think Michel Thomas as a Benny Lewis of his time. If you don’t know who is Benny Lewis, I can explain a little bit. He is a guy who speaks more than 13 languages fluently and is running the world’s most famous language learning website. You can learn more about Benny’s language learning methods here.

Benny and Michel have many same kinds of principles for language learning. They both believe that you can learn languages much in hours instead of years. Benny’s first principle is, “Speak from Day 1” and Michel methods also teach you to speak confidently right from the start. Those methods are quite different what we have learned at school when we were young.

But is it quite natural that world’s best language teachers have much better methods than an average language teacher at a local school?

4 Different Levels of Michel Thomas

Michel Thomas Method has 4 different courses/ levels: Start, Total, Perfect and Masterclass. All of them are available in 12 languages but masterclass course is only available in French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Michel Thomas Method Review

4 Different Courses on Michel Thomas Method


The Start is an introductory lesson to a new language. You will learn 50 most essential words and how to put them together in your target language. This is kind of an introductory lesson that gives you a glimpse of Michel Thomas Method


The Total course builds your foundation for your language skills. You can start speaking confidently in hours instead of years like Michel Thomas promises. Of course, you will not become perfectly fluent in a few hours but you will take steps quickly and you can understand some basic conversations. I know from my own experience that you can actually communicate quite a lot even though you wouldn’t know all words perfectly. Still, the next course’s name is


This is a bit more advanced course after Total and it helps you to build fluency. You will gain a natural grasp of a new language. You will naturally build up your vocabulary and grammar skills as well. This course consists of 9 hours of audio lessons, visual review course and interactive exercises for PC or Mac and Over 3 hours of vocabulary help.


The highest level of Michel Thomas courses is Masterclass. They recommended it for students who have already gone through Total and Perfect courses. It consists of 2 hours of audio with the lessons from Michel himself.

You can get all 4 courses for discount prices on Amazon.

Who Is the Michel Thomas for?

Michel Thomas is created for people who want to learn to speak a new language quickly. With audio-based lessons, your focus will not be on writing but rather on listening and speaking. As you already may know, I prefer audio-based language learning because it’s usually more effective than traditional methods.

These products are targeted more for those who are starting out new languages rather than a person who has already studied for five years. If you are already some experience of studying your language, it’s fine because with these courses will more confidence for speaking and using the language.

Michel Thomas Method is not for them who like old and boring textbooks with complicated language learning exercises. BUT if you like language exercises, Michel Thomas has something for you.

Michel Thomas Language Learning Exercises

With Total and Perfect courses you will get also language learning exercises that help you to review everything that you’ve learned in the lessons Here you can see some examples of those exercises:

Does the Michel Thomas Method Work

In this exercise, you choose the right translation for the word which is bolded

Studies show that we easily remember new things if we don’t repeat what we have learned. That’s why I think it’s important to go through the lessons again. By the way, I have listened to some of my favorite teachings for more than 50 times because I believe I will learn it better than for listening just once. You can call me crazy but let’s see who is crazy when I speak new languages! 😉

Does the Michel Thomas Method Work

Language Exercises on Michel Thomas Method

Michel Thomas Method Testimonial by a Polyglot

Here is a short 3,5-minute video that explains how Michel Thomas Method has helped this polyglot to learn new languages. He also quickly explains what is this system all about.

Pros & Cons


  • Good for beginners
  • You can listen to audio lessons anytime, anywhere
  • Based on methods of a famous language guru
  • You can get courses easily on Amazon
  • Learn to speak in hours instead of years


  • Every person is not a native in the audio lessons
  • Courses are not very long

Conclusion – Does the Michel Thomas Method Work?

Yes, it works. There are lots of testimonials on the Internet from people who have used Michel Thomas Method. This system keeps on ranking high on language learning course reviews.

However, none of the lessons or courses will work until you take action and put everything into action. Benny Lewis says, “Speak from day 1.” Michel Thomas says, “Speak a new language in hours after starting.” In my opinion, their message is very clear.

=> Take Your Language Skills into a Next Level with Michel Thomas!


Have you tried Michel Thomas Method? What did you like it?

What are your favorite ways to learn new languages?

Let me know in the comments below and I will be more than happy to respond you personally within 24 hours.

8 thoughts on “Speak a New Language in Hours! – Does the Michel Thomas Method Work?

  1. Jackie


    I have experience of the Michel Thomas method of learning a language and agree with you that it is an excellent method.

    It is, I believe, based on learning more vocabulary rather than all the grammar etc which means you can get a grip on a new language much quicker than usual.

    I also agree with you about not learning anything unless you act on what you are learning.

    Thank you for reminding me about this method of learning a new language.


    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Jackie,

      thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experiences of Michel Thomas Method. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed using it and found it beneficial.

      Concentrating more on communication rather than grammar is a great focus in my opinion. That’s why this method works better than most “old-school” -methods.


  2. jeffrey16201


    I have had an interest in learning a new language, I have friends in Asian countries and it would be cool to be able to speak to them in their native language.

    No matter how good a course is, if you do not have the motivation and time it is not going to work for you.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Jeffrey,

      yeah, learning a new language depends 80% on the right mindset and only 20% about the right techniques. That’s why it’s important to have motivation to learn a language and a strong belief that you will learn it quickly.

      Michel Thomas Method seems to be a very good resource for anyone who is interested in learning a new language quickly.


  3. Monica Bouteiller

    Very interesting! I have not heard of Michel Tomas until now… I see his method is definitely proven.

    I’ve always been interested in learning to speak Spanish… I will look into his courses because I want it to be fun.

    Does he have lessons to speak Japanese?

    Thank you… I learned something new!

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Monica,

      yes, Michel Thomas has also Japanese lessons. You can have a look at their Japanese courses here.

      Spanish is also a very beautiful language. I learned to speak it fluently some years ago. Recently I haven’t used it so much but I like to listen to it and speak when I have an opportunity.


  4. Kam

    So i must say, right off the bat, Im very skeptical of this experts claims! Learning a new language in hours would change my life! Ive always wanted to learn a new language but have never been able to catch on to it! Coming from a family that speaks many different languages, this would be something that would be of great use to me!

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Kam,

      I must say that you will not learn if you don’t believe you can. But give it a chance. Believe that you can and you will.

      Before I thought that languages were hard for me and I didn’t learn them so fast. Then I started reading Benny Lewis’ language teachings and it revolutionized my “language learning world” 😉



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