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Mimic Method Review – Learn a Language Like a Child

What Is Mimic Method All About? How do children learn their mother tongue? Hearing what their parents and other people say and then by mimicking it. Over the time course, they become “native speakers”. Basically, language is only a collection of certain patterns. I am sure that any human in the world can learn any… Read More »

Glossika Language Training Review – Learn 3,000 New Sentences in Your Target Language

Are you bored of learning grammar rules and looking for creative ways to learn a new language? Then Glossika may be a great choice for you. It is a creative language learning method created by American language linguist Mike Campbell. Let’s have a closer look. Glossika Language Training Review Name: Glossika Founder: Mike Campbell Price:… Read More »

Is FluentU Free? – No, But Definitely Worth It. Check This Out!

Today we are going to have a look at one of my favorite way to learn languages: watching interesting videos! However, here we have even more. This service helps you to learn languages much faster than Youtube videos because they have many extra tools. Even though FluentU is not free, it can be totally worth… Read More »

Speak a New Language in Hours! – Does the Michel Thomas Method Work?

Today we are going to take a look at the language learning method that has been created by “the best language teacher that has ever lived”. That is the name what some students of Michel Thomas call him. More than 5 million people have used his methods worldwide. Does the Michel Thomas Method Work? You will… Read More »

Benny Lewis – Why German Is Easy Review

Why German Is Easy is a language hacking eBook written by the most famous language guru in the world, Brendan “Benny” Lewis. He tells that he had studied German for 5 years at school, but when Benny visited Germany, he wasn’t even able to buy a train ticket using German. After many years, when he had learned better… Read More »