ItalianPod101 Review: The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun!?

By | December 31, 2017

If you are looking for a detailed ItalianPod101 review, this is the only article you’ll ever need to read. I will explain you everything you need to know about their Italian learning resources. I believe you will find this interesting and helpful!

italianpod101 review

The Italian lady in the video says that this is the fastest, easiest and the most fun way to learn Italian.

ItalianPod101 Review

Name: ItalianPod101


Overall Rank: 4,8 stars out of 5

What Is ItalianPod101?

Are you trying to learn the Italian language? You have come to the right place. ItalianPod101 is one the best teaching resources around to teach you the Italian language within the shortest time. It contains hundreds of practical lessons that can assist you in learning the language.

The lessons are not difficult to access, as you can do that on your computer, and mobile devices such as iPad, Android phone and so on. It is a question of downloading the lessons to your operating system. You can begin to use it anywhere you like.

The tool is useful for you irrespective of your knowledge of the Italian language. Just as it is good for the beginner, it is equally good for the advanced Italian language learner. The courses are arranged in such a way you can find it easy and simple to use. There are different lessons and these lessons are accompanied by a PDF transcript, notes, as well as lesson checklists and so on.

Below you can see a 30-minute clip created by ItalianPod101 that explains “all the basics you need to know about Italian”.

The system equally features a Word Bank and this is the most useful thing in the product. This is where you can store words and grammatical items you will always want to refer to. The system is great for premium users. This is because this information can be easily transformed into flashcards.

Whether you are premium or basic user, you can use the audio dictionary feature. To make things easier for the learners, the system equally features a student or learners community, this is where users can interact with one another. They can share knowledge among themselves.

In the same way, the system features an ItalianPod voice recorder. This tool makes it possible for you to record your voice and refer to them later. Record the voice and compare it with the playback of the narrator or the native teacher. This important feature is meant for premium users and it is there to facilitate your language learning process.

Is ItalianPod101 Safe?

I’m not sure why some people were asking this question but yes ItalianPod101 is safe. It’s created by 101Languages company which is one of the most language learning institutes in the whole world. They have produced tons of helpful material for probably around 20 different languages. We have written articles about many of them on

You can read my reviews of other LanguagePod101 resources by clicking the following links:

LanguagePod101 resources are completely safe and suitable also for children and teenagers. They teach language knowledge in a good manner.

ItalianPod101 features

The system is aimed at helping beginners as well as intermediate Italian language learners. It has important features that facilitate the learning process. To ensure that you become perfect in the language, the system creators periodically update the system by providing new information and new features. It is available in different plans, which include the basic plan, the premium, and premium plus plan.

italianpod101 lessons

ItalianPod101 is constantly updated with new resources and lessons.

Other important features you can access as a premium plus user include spaced repetition flashcard, custom word lists, interactive quizzes, as well as their updated apps and so on. With the spaced repetition flashcards, you can construct your own language in the way you can learn it fast. This makes it possible for you to add your own languages and you add them in the way you can remember them easily without difficulties.

Before you pay anything for the system, you can use it for completely free. It has some of these features, but they are basic features, meaning that you are limited in terms of functionality.

It provides to you other methods for improving your Italian skills such as video and audio lessons and native speakers presented these. You have everything you need to build and use your own vocabulary. It equally has in place such things as a community forum and discussion. This is where you share and learn from other members.

ItalianPod101 App

You can learn from a mobile device and you can learn on the go. The system is compatible with different devices such as the web, mobile device, tablet, laptop and computer and soon. Within a short time of using these tools, you will become an expert.

It is obvious from the tools and resources made available to you that ItalianPod101 is the easiest and the simplest way of learning the language. Compared to other learning tools out there, none can compare with this because apart from being cheaper than most of them, it is more effective than all the others are.

italianpod101 app

ItalianPod101 app is easy-to-use and there are numerous different resources that help you to master Italian.

ItalianPod101 Cost – Free to Get Started

The system currently has in place three flexible subscription levels. These are designed to suit your budget and Italian language knowledge level. Before you begin, you have to start from the free lifetime account. You can understand how it works before you begin to commit your money. Even after you have subscribed to the system, and you decide not to use it again, they offer a sixty-day money back guarantee.

This means that you can always get back your money if for any reason you are no longer satisfied with it. There are four subscription plans and these have their various costs. The first is the free subscription plan. You are not supposed to pay a dime, but you will be limited in terms of features.

  • Basic Membership

The second subscription plan is the basic. This costs the sum of $8 if you want to pay for a one-month plan. However, you can save more, if you decide to pay for more than one month at a time. If you pay for three months a time, you can pay the sum of $21, and $36 if you are paying for six months a time. Then it makes only $4 per month.

  • Premium Membership

In the same way, if you want to pay for 12 and 24 months, you can pay $60 and $96 respectively. The third subscription plan is the premium and the cost is $25 for one month, and the sum of $66 for three months. If you want to subscribe for six months, 12 months and 24 months, you can pay the sum of $120, $180, as well as $240 respectively. In the other words, the premium plan is as cheap as $10 in its cheapest way.

  • Premium Plus Membership

The last plan is known as the premium plus and the subscription fees are as follows: one-month will cost the sum of $47, three months will cost $125, while six months will cost $220 it will cost the sum of $316 and $549 respectively.
ConclusionItalianPod101 is the best Italian learning available on the internet today. It has everything you need to become an expert in the system. The most important thing is that you can learn it without expending your resources. The tools and resources are designed to assist you and it is highly recommended.

italianpod101 cost

This is a quick summary of differences between membership plans. You can find more detailed information on their official website.

Conclusion – Learn Italian with ItalianPod101 Easily

After all, there are pretty few ingredients for becoming fluent in Italian (or in any other language):

  1. Find a resource that has a progressive teaching plan and you enjoy using it.
  2. Practice reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  3. Practice every day.

With ItalianPod101 you can make a great progress with Italian and I think that you can become a fluent speaker even solely by using their resources. That being said, I usually recommend that you use a few different language learning resources to reinforce your learning.

Recently I took a free Italian lesson on Lingostan. It’s another great language learning platform and now they are offering 3 free trial lessons and a $20 bonus for all new members. You just need to sign up and leave me a comment so they give you that $20 bonus for free. You can read more details on my full Lingostan review.

You don’t necessarily need Lingostan because Premium plus plan on ItalianPod101 has also a 1-on-1 teacher. But I wanted to mention you that resource because their $20 bonus is pretty awesome.

=> Take Your Italian to the Next Level Today with ItalianPod101!

Have you already used ItalianPod101 or other similar tools in LanguagePod101 series?

What other resources have you used for learning Italian?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

8 thoughts on “ItalianPod101 Review: The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun!?

  1. Henrywrites

    The fact that ItalianPod101 has got a community on the software where one could interact with other language learners makes it an exciting option to consider. Also, the guarantee money back is one way to prove that they’re there to help anyone willing to learn Italian with much confidence.

  2. Martinsx

    Just like other pod series of language101, ItalianPod101 looks pretty awesome as well, with its easy to use features, mobile phone friendly (android) and get money back features on 6 day trail should one lose interest in the project. Talking about cost, the $8 basic membership fee is nothing too costly for one eager to learn Italian language to sacrifice. Should I have have an interest in learning the language, I think that basic membership would be a good place to start.

      1. Martinsx

        $4? That’s nothing compared to the knowledge one would get from making use of that opportunity presented to him or her by patronizing the use of ItalianPod101. Mastering such language at such a cheap cost is something very interesting and appealing to take up.

  3. vinaya

    I have never thought about learning Italian, even though I am interested in visiting Italy and learn about their culture and tradition. I think this is the cheapest language course I have ever come across. The basic membership plan that cost $4 per month by paying few months course fees in advance is very affordable. If you join a traditional school, you will be paying 500 percent more every month.

    1. Martinsx

      Joining traditional learning schools is definitely going to cost higher compared to what is offered in course on 101language at our disposal here. You can easily compare it with your learning process during school days with those that offered language courses. The fees involved are way high because the benefits of mastering several languages outweigh any cost attached to it.


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