SpanishPod101 Review: This Is What He Says!

By | December 31, 2017

Are you looking for a comprehensive SpanishPod101 review? In this article, you’ll hear what one of my team members (who remains anonymous) thinks about it. In his opinion, SpanishPod101 is one of the best resources for learning Spanish. He says that it’s even better than Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur that are much more expensive.

I hope you enjoy his article and find it extremely helpful when you are deciding whether or not SpanishPod101 is the right resource for you or not.

spanishpod101 review

The spanishpod101 homepage is similar to other language courses in 101Languages – series.

SpanishPod101 Review

Name: SpanishPod101


Overall Rank: 4,5 stars out of 5

Introduction – What Is SpanishPod101?

If are interested in learning Spanish, then must you are aware of the these 15 best resources that can help you achieve the fluency. When you are doing your searches, one option that will keep coming up is the SpanishPod101. It is a favorite of many. They also have a robust marketing team that is doing a great job.

The question you must be asking is if it is worth your money. The answer is a resounding yes. The SpanishPod101 is the best. It has resources that are engaging, more so if you are a beginner or at the lower levels.

You get to learn the language bit by bit. This is ideal if you are a busy person or have been struggling with motivation. Do not take this as a shortcut, there is still so much you have to do. You need to have focus and put a lot of effort.
The makers of this device purposely made it easy to use. It has many resources to help you learn Spanish. The structure is also self-explanatory with the sets of lessons different at every level.

This means you will know where to start. It will give you motivation easily and you will go through all the steps easily. However, the independent learners will find the pace and structure of this episodes limiting.

SpanishPod101 is a part of the famous LanguagePod101 series. You have probably seen our articles of ChineseClass101, FinnishPod101 or GermanPod101.

Is SpanishPod101 Free?

The SpanishPod101 account is free to create. This model is a “freemium model.” Though the early lessons are free, you will be required to pay for the other lessons. The advanced content you pay for it though the pay increase is gradual. The best features will be available once you start paying.

There are different options for you as a subscriber. The prices are affordable and reasonable. A one-year subscription will cost you one hundred and eighty dollars with the premium++ plan. There are also cheaper alternatives to SpanishPod. Though this is more than the cost of a book it is still cheaper than most of the other commercial products in the market.

For example, Rosetta stone costs three hundred and ninety-nine dollars or the Pimsleur, which will cost you three hundred and forty-five dollars for thirty lessons. One hundred and eighty dollars is not a lot to learn a new language.

spanishpod101 Cost

A short summary of SpanishPod101 premium plans.

SpanishPod101 Lessons

The lessons, which you find in the SpanishPod101, are organized according to level. Each level will have a set of different lessons. Each session lasts about twenty-five minutes. Some are a little bit shorter.
This means you will have hundreds of Spanish lessons, by any standards the resources you get will be sufficient to help you as you learn Spanish.

They have a volume of the content. Several features help you learn, one of them is the “learning paths.” It offers you course structures on different paths that are on the level you are in at that moment. You also get to choose what you want to learn the most.

If you are a beginner you get to choose from paths like “traveling around; Iberian Spanish,” ‘the ultimate guide for brand new Spanish learners’ or ‘speaking perfect Spanish at a restaurant’.

spanishpod101 Lessons

SpanishPod101 Lesson Paths Help You to Choose the Right Lesson for Your Level and Interest.

What do you learn in each lesson?

Every lesson will have three audio track

  • Review track
  • Full audio lesson
  • Dialogue track

The lessons will follow a certain format:

  • Dialogue in the Spanish language
  • You repeat the dialogue and you get a translation
  • You discuss the story together with the cultural insight
  • The new vocabulary is explained to you

After going through the main lesson, you get the chance to review the dialogue tracks. You practice with the tracks what you have been learning. The review track is for learning the new vocabularies and reviewing what you have been learning. The dialogue track will allow you to repeat dialogue you had without having to listen to the explanations.

=> Start SpanishPod101 for Free!

Why Is the SpanishPod101 Valuable?

The most valuable aspect of the SpanishPod101 is the extra features you get during every lesson. The dialogue you get is very interactive.

Every line is clickable; this means you get to hear the audio at the pace that you will be comfortable. You also get to switch between Spanish language and English.

It works really well and you get the opportunity to break the dialogue into small parts. By doing this you will be able to read and listen at the same time. You will quickly improve your listening comprehension and vocabulary.

The SpanishPod101 has another section that gives you the vocabulary list from your dialogue. The list is clickable and you get to hear the audio at your own pace.

The best thing is that you get to choose the vocabulary that suits you and you put it into the flashcard system. Once in the flashcard system, you get to listen to the dialogue when you want.

spanishpod101 review

Some examples of SpanishPod101 lessons. They have lessons available for any level.

SpanishPod101 Extras

All of the materials for the lessons are available for you to download. This is helpful if you require a physical copy so that you can print out. The copies are in a PDF format. The advantage of this is that people have varied ways on how they want to consume information.

In addition, you get other resources apart from the lessons. This adds real value for you especially if you are a beginner.

When you are starting out you need to have the necessary information. You need to move fast and not stifle anywhere. The SpanishPod101 has all the information you need in one place:

  • Overview of the Spanish language
  • A simple guide on how to pronounce Spanish words
  • An introduction to the Spanish grammar
  • A conjugation chart on Spanish verbs
  • Important Spanish phrase

You also get bonus lessons, which focus on other dialects in the region.

The SpanishPod101 is the most resourceful when you want to learn Spanish. The information is easy to consume and you will get the right directions on where to start.

The conclusion by Roope – Is SpanishPod101 the Best?

I hope that you enjoyed this SpanishPod101 review. In my honest opinion, SpanishPod101 is a great resource for learning Spanish. It’s among the best but there are also many great options for you. I have a gathered a list of 15 best ways to learn Spanish in this article. I spent endless hours to gather all the information for you. It’s literally everything you need to become fluent in Spanish.

The fastest way to become a fluent Spanish speaker is probably Baselang but SpanishPod101 is a good resource as well. You can, of course, use both of those resources to reinforce your learning.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Have you already tried SpanishPod101?

What other resources you have used for learning Spanish?

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “SpanishPod101 Review: This Is What He Says!

  1. vinaya

    Spanish is one of the international languages I have always wanted to learn, however, owing to different priorities in life, I have never been able to start learning Spanish. I think this can be a good course for me. I might start with basic by paying $4 a month and then gradually upgrade to premium and premium plus.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Sounds like a good plan. I’m happy that I learned Spanish a few years ago. It has opened many doors and made my life forward. For example, today I had to find some information on the Internet and I found it quickly in Spanish.


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