ArabicPod101 Review: Over 750,000,000 Lessons Delivered!

By | December 31, 2017

ArabicPod101 has delivered more than 750,000,000 lessons for Arabic students all over the world (and counting!) That’s a pretty convincing number, huh? 😉

In my ArabicPod101 review, I am going to show and explain you what this Arabic learning resource is all about. I’m convinced it can help you to achieve fluency in Arabic faster than you might imagine if you are willing to commit to learning.

arabicpod101 review

ArabicPod101 is also part of 101Languages – language learning family. I have already reviewed many other courses on my blog in the past.

ArabicPod101 Review

Name: ArabicPod101


Overall Rank: 4,9 stars out of 5

What is ArabicPod101?

The Arabic language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Because of that, it is important that you learn how to speak the language. You do not need to go to any of the Arabic nations before you learn how to speak the language. Learning websites like ArabicPod101 is making it easy for you to speak the language without much stress.

The system makes available to your audio podcast lessons, video lessons, and many other resources. The lessons are presented according to their level. This means that you can start learning from the most simple to the advanced podcasts. Users are free to start from any level. If you want to start with the most difficult, you are free to do that.

It is easy to use the system as you can access it on their official website. Moreover, you can access it through their mobile app and also on your tablet device. Anybody can try the system for free because they provide also a free account for a lifetime. In addition, they give a full 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee for all paid plans.

ArabicPod101 is good for anybody who wants to learn the Arabic language. It is also an entry-level language teacher and it is good for beginners. Even if you were an intermediate student, the learning system is ideal for you because it can help you to become perfect.

There are different episodes of this lesson and these episodes are available in different dialects such as modern Arabic Standard, Egyptian Arabic, as well as Moroccan Arabic. All you need to do is to select the right dialect and begin to learn one of the most popular languages on earth. The site is not the best for advanced learners because the information contained is meant for beginners.

If you want to specialize in Egyptian, Moroccan, or the modern standard Arabic language, this system is perfect for you. It was designed in such a way that you develop your Arabic speaking skills without much hassle.

arabicpod101 review

ArabicPod101 provides similar resources in a comprehensive manner like other courses in 101Languages-series.

By the way, if you are interested in learning Arabic fast, you might be interested in taking a look at Fluent in 3 months by Benny Lewis. In addition, I can provide bonuses and free 1-on-1 lessons for Arabic becomes I have partnered up with a few language learning sites.

ArabicPod101 Features – Podcasts, Videos, Games, Flashcards, etc.

Probably one of the most important features of this system are the podcast episodes. This is a dialogue between two native Arabic speakers. The conversation was structured in such a way that you can understand specific grammar such as a cultural topic, Arabic phrase. The podcast is available in different episodes and they are designed in such way that it runs for five to fifteen minutes and more than that.

The dialogue between the two native speakers is focused on the real-life situation. Because it is focused on the current event or a real-life situation, it makes the conversation to be relevant, especially the use of vocabulary. This makes the learning process easy and simple, as the learner’s interests are guaranteed because of the topic relevance.

It is apparent from the way the episodes were designed that it was meant to be very interesting. Presenters make it interesting by introducing innovative comments. It was presented in such a way that it is more of a podcast than it is a textbook or a learning course. This is great because it rekindles the interests of the learners on the program, and because of that, they can become expert within a short time.

Most importantly, it contains all the important tools and resources that can help you to learn the language very well. Tools and resources included are word lists, dictionary, pronunciation helps, as well as grammar charts and so on.
These are helpful resources though you can find them elsewhere, the most important thing is that they are available in one place. The resources are available free, and they are there to facilitate the learning process. There are other important tools that make the site unique and they include the transcript, playback, as well as flashback features. You can become expert in a short time.

=> Try All ArabicPod101 Features Today!

The podcast features energetic and knowledgeable hosts. They provided useful teachings that can assist you in mastering the language without difficulties. Apart from the spaced repetition flashcard and vocabulary learning tools, the system also makes available to you detailed PDF lesson notes as well as a lively community forum and a lesson discussion.

ArabicPod101 provides also a long list of Arabic teaching videos. They teach you all relevant things that you may imagine to need when you start to speak a new language. Take a look at the video below, for example, 3 Ways to Say Bye in Arabic. I must admit that one of the benefits of ArabicPod101 is that their teachers are extremely beautiful like you can see in the video below 🙂

Language Pod 101 Review – Other Courses

Before we move on I wanted to mention that Language Pod 101 provides also courses for numerous other languages. Actually, they cover pretty much all the biggest languages in the world and also some smaller ones like Finnish.

You can always feel free to take a look at my reviews for other courses on the language pod series. I have written myself some of them and some of my team members or friends have tried other ones. Just click any of the links below so you can read any of them:

ArabicPod101 App

The system features interesting apps such as flashcards. This is almost the same thing with Memrise and Anki. It operates on a repetitive system arrangement. This makes it easy for you to build your review deck right from any word of your choice. Everything you want is provided for you in the podcast.

PlaybackThis is another great app and it is there to help you learn the language very well and fast. The playback is designed to assist you to playback what you are doing and that makes it easy for you to recall what you are doing. The playing speed actually varies, and you can play at your own speed. This app is great for those who are learning or practicing listening skills.

The transcript is another important app you can get from this website. You can use the transcript and follow the paths recommended for you. Furthermore, it will make it easy for you to create your own study tools.

arabicpod101 App

One of the greatest benefits of ArabicPod101 is that you can learn with it on-the-go.

ArabicPod101 Cost

You can use the system for the first seven days free. Within this period, you can decide to go with the subscription and you can choose a perfect plan. The system features three months subscription plans and this includes the primary one, which is the basic, the second one called the premium, and the final plan called premium plus.

If you plan to use it for a long time, it is better if you purchase a longer period at a time. The secret is that the more months you pay at one time, the more money you save at the end.

The price for the various plans is as follows: for a single month, you pay $8. If you decide to purchase for 24 months at a time, the price goes for $4.

The price for the premium level course is $25 for a single month purchase. If you decide to purchase for 24 months, it amounts to $10 monthly.

Conclusion – The Best Way to Learn Arabic Online?

If you are looking for the best Arabic learning course and tools, you have to consider this system. It is learner friendly and recommended for beginners. If you are a beginner, this is one of the best companions for you.

There are also a few other great resources that I’ll show you in the near future but ArabicPod101 is certainly one of the best. It’s not a coincidence that they have delivered already over 750,000,000 lessons. To be honest, I don’t know any other Arabic learning resource that would have delivered so many lessons.

Before we wrap up, I want to mention that I usually recommend Benny Lewis’ Fluent in 3 months course for anyone despite which language they want to learn. You can use his principles for learning Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese or any other language in the world. In addition, he provides a detailed resource bank for mastering 15 biggest languages in the world (he himself talks about 10 of them fluently and other ones in a conversational level).

Benny’s teachings completely changed the way I learn languages so I want to share it with others as well. For me it was life-changing. If (or when) I start studying more Arabic, I’ll certainly start with Benny’s resources and ArabicPod101.

=> Try ArabicPod101 Today for Free!

What kind of resources have you used for learning Arabic?

Do you think that ArabicPod101 is the best Arabic resource out there? 

Let’s discuss more in the comments below! 🙂

Also, if you have any questions I’m always happy to answer all of them personally.

23 thoughts on “ArabicPod101 Review: Over 750,000,000 Lessons Delivered!

  1. Martinsx

    @Roope I’m seriously impressed with the reviews and offers you present for your readers here, most of them are priceless compared to the benefits they offer. ArabicPod101, to be honest I never thought about you having a review on this but I just got proved wrong. It’s exactly similar to Germanpod101, with the only difference in it is that here Arabic language is the focus point.

    The 7 days free trial is a good one, I believe with the experience of a week course in the platform, one can decide to go forward or bow out. But generally, the cost for using ArabicPod101 isn’t that huge. A misery $8 for one month is nothing to me should I be considering learning Arabic language but I doubt I would.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      I think 101Languages have done great job when they have made all these resources for learning various languages. I am not studying Arabic at the moment either but if I start studying it in the future, I’ll go on with ArabicPod101.

      1. Martinsx

        Yeah, it’s very impressive what resources are available for such learning purposes. Definitely those with the intention of learning Arabic language would find it very interesting making use of Arabic101.

        And come to think of it, this is the first language you have admitted not to have taken up yet. Should I ask the reason why, because I picture you to have a wider scope when it comes to amassing language skills?

        1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

          I don’t need Arabic in my everyday life at the moment so I haven’t decided to study it yet. If I move to a Arabic country in the future and live there for a longer time, I may consider mastering Arabic then.

  2. Henrywrites

    It’s not surprising the amazing number of lessons that ArabicPod101 has delivered. One thing we need to understand is that Arabic is a popular language just like Latin considering the link it has got with religion. So, it’s really nice to know that anyone interested in learning this language should consider using this system.

    1. Martinsx

      I think you are right mentioning about the link between Arabic language with religion which is Islamic religion. Islamic religion with the rate its taking root lately is almost trying to compete seriously with Christianity.

      1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

        That’s true. Islamic religion is expanding for many reasons. However, those who practice fundamentalist Islam, are making lots of violent things all over the world which is pretty dangerous.

        1. Martinsx

          It’s true what you just mentioned, their actions is the reason why it’s appearing that Islamic religion is looking at tearing the world apart. Although, I’m aware that there good believers who worship sincerely and have no part in any form of violent act. Currently, I’m in a Muslim state in part of my country and it’s nice getting to be closer to their religion and understand a little bit more of what Islam is all about.

        2. Henrywrites

          You’re right, Roope, and that is surprising to me that Islam that claims they also preach peace have majority of the followers involved in some violent events that happen around the world such as bombing and killings and that is the situation we are facing in Nigeria as well. I wish things will get better at the end of the day.

          1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

            I hope better as well. That’s why I don’t usually support Islam 😉 Actually, I do the opposite because I don’t want that they continue their Jihad “holy war” and people would join them.

        3. Martinsx

          @Henrywrites and @Roope I personally don’t have anything against Islam or those practicing it, for the record there are several people who genuinely practice the religion without inciting violence. It’s just the actions of the radical few that is reducing the standards of Islamic religion in the eyes of many. It’s true that Nigeria is suffering so much from the activities and actions of the Boko Haram sect in the nation. Few months back, they threatened the peaceful existence of the entire country with their rampage with bombing and killings as well as kidnap.

  3. ZM

    To be honest I know how to speak Arabic a little but it is not that easy. I believe this could be of great help. My few Arabic words are, kathir pulos. sura-sura, sweya, alatol, kathir mok, mok mapi. Its fun to learn but it is not that easy.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Yeah, many things are challenging if you are doing using ineffective techniques. Have you tried ArabicPod101? I believe Arabic will feel much easier if you use this or other more effective methods.

    2. Martinsx

      @ZM Even the little Arabic words that you provided here is very difficult for me to pronounce correctly. I almost bit my dried lips in trying forcefully to say the word. Anyways, I believe that my lack of interest in the language is a major deciding factor in my inability to say it. Should I pick up interest in the language, I would definitely do better.

  4. vinaya

    I never thought I would take interest in learning Arabic. However, in a recent times I am looking for a job in the Middle East, and if I am living as an immigrant in the Middle east, having Arabic language skills will certainly come as an advantage. This program is in my list. Thank you very much for introducing this program.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Yes, in the Middle East the Arabic skill would be extremely valuable. Salaries are pretty good in those countries and in some of them there’s also a 0% taxation for employees. Therefore, there are many benefits for employees in those countries.

  5. AmieBotella

    My husband worked in an Arab country particularly in Qatar before. According to him, it is very difficult to converse with his bosses because of language barrier. They do speak english but you cannot talk so fast because they will not understand it anymore.

    You don’t get offered to learn the language but you have to pick the most basic ones and this will help a lot of foreign workers there. I think this review is very helpful to those who take interest in learning the language and will help you immensely when you work there and understand their language.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Qatar sounds interesting. It’s one of the richest countries in the world because of oil and probably for other reasons as well. I think learning the basics of Arabic or any other language doesn’t take long if there’s a consistent effort. I learned, for example, German in 2 months a lot even though I wasn’t even putting a full effort. But I think many times language learning isn’t a big priority for many people and that’s why it takes so much time to learn. That happened with me afterwards with German.

  6. Bitrate

    10 years ago I came to Egypt. My first language is Russian and to be honest Arabic for me was quite hard. I did not know that Arabic can be different like Chinese for example.

    It divides into conversational Arabic and into literature Arabic and still people from Egypt might not understand what people from Libya say, as the language is not the same. Arabic grammar is pretty hard to understand but if you want to learn Arabic only to talk and write then I do not think that you should learn grammar in details as I used to in Egyptian school.

    By the way, I checked ArabicPod101 and I liked it! It is a very good program for the beginners. It is simple and very precise. Audio lessons are clear and accurate.

    I think I will advise ArabicPod101 to my mom as she still cannot speak properly in Arabic even after 10 years 🙂
    Thank you.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      I think your mom will benefit from ArabicPod101 hugely. She’ll speak Arabic fluently in a year or less if she has the motivation. 🙂

  7. OlaSidiq

    When I was young my mum took me to an Arabic to learn the language, not just for speaking sake but for my religion. It was fun then because as a kid you learn most things by repetition.

    From your review, I think Arabicpod has a good system of teaching the language.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Yes, thousands of people all over the world have enjoyed ArabicPod101 program. It’s affordable and effective like other programs in the 101 Languages.


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