Mimic Method Review – Learn a Language Like a Child

What Is Mimic Method All About? How do children learn their mother tongue? Hearing what their parents and other people say and then by mimicking it. Over the time course, they become “native speakers”. Basically, language is only a collection of certain patterns. I am sure that any human in the world can learn any… Read More »

Roope Kiuttu And LanguagesAreEasy.com on the Lost Geographer!

We have exciting news! 2 days ago I (Roope Kiuttu) was featured on the Lost Geographer podcast. The Lost Geographer’s mission is to promote geographic and cultural literacy. In the other words, they share lots of information about different countries, cultures and languages. Roope Kiuttu And LanguagesAreEasy on the Lost Geographer The founder of the… Read More »

Francais Authentique Review – Apprendre le Francais avec Plaisir!

What Is Francais Authentique All About? Francais Authentique is one of the best ways to learn French. It is a movement made by French man Johan Tekfak. It is a Youtube channel, podcast, website and a huge community. Francais Authentique teaches you, French, using natural methods. You will learn French from a native speaker while… Read More »