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Mimic Method Review – Learn a Language Like a Child

What Is Mimic Method All About? How do children learn their mother tongue? Hearing what their parents and other people say and then by mimicking it. Over the time course, they become “native speakers”. Basically, language is only a collection of certain patterns. I am sure that any human in the world can learn any… Read More »

Francais Authentique Review – Apprendre le Francais avec Plaisir!

What Is Francais Authentique All About? Francais Authentique is one of the best ways to learn French. It is a movement made by French man Johan Tekfak. It is a Youtube channel, podcast, website and a huge community. Francais Authentique teaches you, French, using natural methods. You will learn French from a native speaker while… Read More »

Fluent in 3 Months Premium Review – Learn from the Best

Today in this Fluent in 3 Months Premium Review I am going to give you a thorough look what is Benny Lewis’ premium language course all about. As you may already know, Benny Lewis is the man who changed the way I learn languages. – UPDATE 2023: SPANISH: See the BEST method to learn Spanish here!… Read More »

What Is Pimsleur Method? A Natural Way to Learn a Foreign Language

One of my best friends learned French by using Pimsleur’s method. He said that he used it with headphones when he was moving around by bike. So he didn’t need to use any time studying in front of a textbook. Today in this Pimsleur Review I am going to show you what is the Pimsleur method… Read More »