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Francais Authentique Review – Apprendre le Francais avec Plaisir!

What Is Francais Authentique All About? Francais Authentique is one of the best ways to learn French. It is a movement made by French man Johan Tekfak. It is a Youtube channel, podcast, website and a huge community. Francais Authentique teaches you, French, using natural methods. You will learn French from a native speaker while… Read More »

How to Learn a Language in Your Sleep Or Is It Even Possible?

Have you ever been thinking how to learn a language in your sleep? Wouldn’t it be great to master a new language without spending a minute of your time awake on studying it? New words would just sink into your head night by night. Little by little you would also catch a correct grammar and… Read More »

What Is Pimsleur Method? A Natural Way to Learn a Foreign Language

One of my best friends learned French by using Pimsleur’s method. He said that he used it with headphones when he was moving around by bike. So he didn’t need to use any time studying in front of a textbook. Today in this Pimsleur Review I am going to show you what is the Pimsleur method… Read More »