“Why Learning Spanish Is Important?” – Check These 5 Interesting Reasons!

By | January 1, 2017

Have you been thinking about learning Spanish? Did some of your friends recommend you to learn it or did you just get an idea after your visit in Spain? Today I will share you 5 reasons why learning Spanish is important for you. After reading the article, I would also like to hear what do you think about learning Spanish. But first, you need to read this article. 🙂

Get a comfortable seat and let’s go!

Reasons Why Learning Spanish Is Important

El toro = bull

1.Connect with +470 000 000 Native Speakers Worldwide

Spanish is a huge thing. There are half a billion native speakers (or even more) worldwide, and It is an official language in 20 countries. It is world’s second most popular second language right after English. It feels that almost everywhere I go, I meet some Spanish speakers. That will also help you to practice your Spanish skills. They are everywhere like Chinese people are ;).

If there are no Spanish speakers in your hometown, you can easily find a Spanish language partner on Italki or from other social media like Facebook. Even though you would be able to speak only a little bit of Spanish, people will appreciate it. In general, people are happy when somebody speaks their native language. I am glad when someone can speak even a few sentences in Finnish.

By learning some key phrases in Spanish, you can already make a positive first impression and get a real connection with other a person.

2.Boost Your Travel Experiences

In most of the Spanish-speaking countries, people don’t speak fluent English. It means that if you don’t speak Spanish, your communication with residents will be challenging. I lived for 3 months in Fuengirola, Spain and was surprised how little people there speak English even though the place is full of tourists. The same applies to most parts of Spain and Latin American countries.

If you can speak Spanish, you can easily connect with local people. You can have better service for example in restaurants, create friendships, have a chat with locals on the beach or whatever you want.

You will also get friends more easily if you are speaking the same language as Spanish people. Because most of them don’t speak fluent English, it’s precious that you can speak Spanish. And I have noticed that Spanish and Latin people are very friendly and hospitable.

3.Boost Your Spanish Skills -> Find More Jobs

If you learn Spanish, it will boost your potential in a job market. You will find more jobs available for you and employers find you more attractive. With your Spanish skills, you already win many other job applicants who can’t speak a word in Spanish.

In some jobs, Spanish is a necessity when a company has many Spanish customers or business partners.

One thing you want to consider is that usually, the salary is not as high in Spanish speaking country than many western nations. But you can for sure find very high-paid jobs if you are a valuable employee and you have excellent skills. Also, Spanish-speaking countries are also much cheaper, so living costs are not so high. That’s one reason why so many Finnish people have moved to Spain. Another important reason is, of course, the sunrise and beautiful weather in general.

4.Get Access to Awesome Cultures

Why Learning Spanish Is Important

All these countries use Spanish as a native language

Spain, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and other fascinating countries. All of them use Spanish as a native language. When you can speak Spanish, you can dive into these cultures. Get to know local people and understand everything that they are talking. A new world will open for you.

You will get deeper into Latin cultures and probably learn something about your culture too. When I have dived into new cultures, I have come to look my culture in Finland from a different perspective.

Latin American cultures give in my experience a greater value for a family and relatives than most Western countries. I admire how important the family is for them. That is only one thing, but there are many interesting things what you will learn when you start to know more about Spanish-speaking cultures. Learning a new language is not only interesting because you will learn a new skill but also because you will learn a new culture most of the time.

5.Spanish is Beautiful

In my opinion, Spanish is an ultimately beautiful language. I like how it sounds, and I enjoy talking it with native speakers. Also, there are many beautiful songs in Spanish that I love to listen over and over again.

I didn’t always think like this. It didn’t sound so beautiful in my ears before, but I have noticed one thing with languages. The more I learn a language, the more beautiful it starts to sound. It is, of course, a personal preference. When I first started learning French, it didn’t sound charming either, but when I began to understand it more, it sounds more and more beautiful. What do you think? Has the same thing happened to you?

You may have noticed that Spanish is not only as a language but also many Spanish speakers are very beautiful! Isn’t that also a good reason to learn some Spanish? 😉

How to Learn Spanish Quickly? Check These Powerful Resources

Benny Lewis is a language guru who speaks 10-15 foreign language including Spanish. However, he hasn’t been good with language his whole life. Benny struggled with Spanish way back in his life. He studied it at school and even lived 6 months in Spain but wasn’t able to speak it.

Then he realized that he had used wrong techniques to learn it. Before learning languages was hard for him but after discovering better methods learning became comfortable. I recommend you to take a look at Benny’s course Fluent in 3 Months if you would like to boost your Spanish skills quickly. He has an enormous amount of tips how you can learn it faster. There’s also a huge resource bank where you will find lots of useful material for learning Spanish.

Benny Lewis has also made a language learning guide which is only targeted for Spanish learners. It is called Why Spanish Is Easy. Benny’s teachings are always powerful and work for sure.

If you want to sound like a native Spanish speaker, then you will like Mimic Method. It made by a man called Idahossa Ness. He learned 5 languages as an adult and Spanish was one of them. He teaches you how to get a real native accent to your speaking.

Pimsleur also has 5 full courses for Spanish learners. It is an audio-based method where you will learn by listening native speakers and exercising to speak like them.


Now I want to hear from you.

Do you speak Spanish? Do you find it a beautiful language? Why is it important to learn Spanish in your opinion? 

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

8 thoughts on ““Why Learning Spanish Is Important?” – Check These 5 Interesting Reasons!

  1. Blame

    Learning spanish can be a pretty fun experience. This is especially true if you live in new york. In new york, there are spanish speaking people everywhere. They come from many places like dominican republic, puerto rico, columbia, mexico. You name it. They are usually very nice people. I even got free coffee once from a spanish speaking shop owner. Right now, I am still limited to certain words like hola, como estas, and como pasastes tu fin de semana. However, I am slowly improving to see if I will be able to step out of speaking broken spanish. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Blame,

      Nice to hear that! I didn’t know that there are so many Spanish-speaking people living in New York. I have never visited there but it’s one of the biggest cities in the world so it feels natural that there are people from all over the world.

      My experience with Spanish and Latin people is also great. They are friendly and nice. I believe that you can learn Spanish quite easily because you already speak English and they are very similar languages.


  2. Horatius

    Great post Roope!

    It’s incredible how many people don’t understand how advantageous can be to learn Spanish nowadays. I am a fluent Spanish speaker (it wasn’t particularly difficult for me to learn considering Italian is my native language) and I can say without a doubt that the doors learning Spanish opened to me are as many as those that opened by learning English. It truly is a global language spoken not only by millions of native speakers but also by tons of people who learn it as a second language. Even when I visit non-Spanish-speaking countries like Germany or Ireland I always end up speaking Spanish with somebody. And of course the jobs opportunities are also great and many employers saw my Spanish skills as a very positive factor!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Horatius,

      wow, it’s very interesting to hear your experiences of speaking Spanish! I am surprised that it has been even more helpful for you than English skills. But actually, I have heard the same from my other friends.

      Also, when I am traveling, I always meet some Spanish speakers and it’s nice to have a talk in Spanish. They are everywhere! 😉

      As you mentioned, Italian and Spanish are very close so I am thinking about studying also some Italian in the future.


  3. ValerieJoy

    Hi Roope

    Thank you for your great article. I really did enjoy reading about speaking the Spanish language. I admire people who can speak at least two languages and it seems that in these times when people travel extensively, being multi-lingual is a huge advantage.

    Another thing about speaking more than one language is that it helps to create friendships, and this is a great help for people who travel often.

    My personal thoughts though are, that it would be much easier to learn a new language when you are young. Learning new skills such as music, language and some sports must be a big challenge for older folk.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Valerie Joy!

      I totally agree with you that being multi-lingual is a huge advantage. I have realized it many times in practice during my life :).

      However, I don’t agree that adults would be worse language learners than kids or young people. Please, have a look to this article “Can I Learn a New Language As an Adult? YES YOU CAN!” Enjoy!


  4. Ben_Reilly

    Number 6: So you can go on dates!

    Myself and a lot of other people who travel alone, like to go on dates to find company for the evening, either by meeting people in real life or through an app like Tinder.

    It’s a really good way to meet a local person who can tell you all about the place you’re in, and you get less of the “tourist face” that people often put on when they see you’re a foreigner. So it’s a handy way to get a close look at the culture of a place.

    But if all you can do is ask your date how they are, what their name is, and what time it is, well, the cultural exchange will be a somewhat limited.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Ben,

      you are right. Having a local “guide” will help a lot when traveling in new places. I use sometimes Couchsurfing because then I immediately get to know some local who can give me tips and even show some places.

      In my opinion, the best part of traveling is to get to know new people and get new ideas for life.


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