Is FluentU Free? – No, But Definitely Worth It. Check This Out!

By | April 8, 2017

Today we are going to have a look at one of my favorite way to learn languages: watching interesting videos! However, here we have even more. This service helps you to learn languages much faster than Youtube videos because they have many extra tools. Even though FluentU is not free, it can be totally worth it. Read further why.

FluentU Review

is fluentu freeName: FluentU
Price: 15-Day Free Trial. Basic $15/month or $120/year. Plus $30/month or $240/year.
Overall Rank: 93 Out of 100

What Is FluentU All About?

FluentU is a service that helps you to learn languages by watching videos. It’s pretty similar to Yabla that we already reviewed a few months ago. I find this kind of services very useful. I have studied new languages by watching Youtube videos but I have many times thought that subtitles would help a lot. Then I could learn new vocabulary fast.

FluentU has taken thousands of videos from Youtube, added subtitles and transcriptions to them. In addition, they have added some extra tools that can help you to memorize new words.

Have a look at a Quick Tour Inside FluentU’s members are in the video below. It also explains very well what’s FluentU all about.

How Will FluentU Help You to Learn a New Language?

1.Study a new language with something that interests you

With FluentU you can find videos about the subject that you find interesting for you in your target language. For example, I am interested in learning German and in building a business. Then for me would be good to watch business videos in German in FluentU. You can also watch health and fitness videos in French if those are your interests. Whatever are your interests and target languages, you can find something interesting things for you.

2.Try FluentU language learning games

is fluentu free

FluentU learning games

FuentU offers also a variety of games to practice your vocabulary. This is an engaging way to keep you motivated and push forward to reach fluency.

FluentU Review

In FluentU you can customize your homepage to look like you want

3.Choose videos suitable for your level

FluentU Review

Choose a level for you

One of the greatest advantages of FluentU is that you can choose the videos that are exactly suitable for your current level. If you would be scrolling videos on Youtube, you would need to spend much more time to find something that is great for your level. And when you learn, you need to find new videos again for your new level. FluentU is easy to use because they have done that work for you already.

Inside FluentU Member’s Area

I took a video where I show how it looks like inside FluentU member’s area. You will get a good understanding how everything works there and how user-friendly their platform is. Enjoy!

What Languages Can You Learn in FluentU?

At the moment you can learn 9 different languages in FluentU which are: (I have also added how many videos there are in some language in March 2017. They are adding new videos all the time.)

These numbers are from March 2017. Now in May 2017 there are already more than 950 videos in German as you can see in my Youtube video. So their video library is rapidly expanding.

  • Chinese, 1807 videos available
  • Spanish, 1887
  • French,  1094
  • English, 2507
  • German, 857
  • Japanese, 752
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Russian

I believe that they will be adding new languages over the time course. If you would like to have another language to FluentU, you can always send them a message in support and ask if they are going to add it soon. With a membership, you can study all these languages and you don’t need to pay separately for each language.

Is There a FluentU Mobile App?

is fluentu free

You can use FluentU on any device: Mobile, Tablet or computer.

One of the great thing in FluentU is that they also have a mobile app. It helps you to learn the language more easily even when you don’t have an access to your computer. You can learn a new language while sitting in the bus, laying on the sofa or when you are moving from one place to another by bike. I call it effective language learning.

At the moment FluentU app is only available for iPhone in AppStore but it will be also available for Android phones in the future.

Is FluentU Free?

FluentU is not free but they have a 15-day free trial. You can cancel your membership within 15 days if you were not satisfied. I think that no questions are asked.

They have two membership options Basic and Plus. You can see their pricing in the picture below:

FluentU Pricing

Plus Program contains extra features compared to Basic

In my opinion, FluentU pricing is very reasonable. Plus costs $240 / year which means $20/month. If buying this program for a year helps you to go from 0 to fluent in a new language, it’s definitely worth it.

What would you think about this challenge:

1.Buy FluentU premium for a year
2.Study a new language with FluentU 1 hour every day for one year
3.See your results

It would be interesting to see if you can become fluent with FluentU by using it one hour every day for a year. I believe that you could at least achieve a level where you can easily speak with people in that language. Do that with 20 languages in 20 following years and you are speaking 20 languages. Easy, huh? I think that we make language learning sometimes too complicated when it’s actually pretty simple. Just put in the efforts and you make progress.

Or think if you would use two or three hours a day instead of one. Imagine, how great results you could achieve in a year. $240 is not a bad price for learning a new language.

Pros & Cons


  • Learning a new language by watching videos can be fun and relaxing
  • You get subtitles to all videos
  • You can expand your vocabulary very fast
  • FluentU has a mobile app
  • Thousands of videos of different languages (and growing)
  • Easy to use
  • You can study several languages


Conclusion – Is FluentU Worth It?

In my opinion, investing some money on FluentU or other language learning tools like LingQ or Yabla can be a great way to boost your language skills. I always prefer spending money on assets that will give more value to my and other people’s life. Investing in your language learning can be a have a huge benefit for your future.

What do you think about FluentU?


Have you ever studied languages by watching interesting videos? What do you think about FluentU?

Let me know in the comments below and I will respond you personally within 24 hours!

12 thoughts on “Is FluentU Free? – No, But Definitely Worth It. Check This Out!

  1. Whitney

    So glad I came across your site. FluentU came up on my Apple App as a recommendation since I use Duolingo You make a good point about investing in a product. I like Duolingo, but I find that its easy for me because I’m pretty good at reading a language (Spanish) but not as good as hearing it. Can you turn the subtitles off?

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Whitney,

      if you are not as good as hearing a language, you will become better by listening to it. Practice makes progress.What do you think? 🙂

      You can turn the subtitles off.


  2. Patsy

    Hi, I find FluentU very interesting I haven’t heard of anything like this before. I think it’s great to learn different languages. I like that there are different was to learn like having the app on your cell is handy.

    I like that there are subtitles being able to see the words while watching the video. I also like that you can choose your level instead of scrolling videos on Youtube, trying to find which level is needed.

    I am Greek and found that when I went to visit I had a hard time understanding since it’s the ‘proper’ way to speak the language versus the slang way that I learned growing up. This would be something that I would be interested in, learning my language correctly.

    I don’t see ‘Greek’ on your list, it would be great to add it at some point. The videos are very informative and explain everything in a simple manner.

    I find the program pricing fair for the quality.

    I will check in the future to see if my language is there.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Patsy,

      you are right that language programs don’t usually teach ‘slang’ but the official language. I have found it also a bit hilarious when I have seen some Finnish language programs because it’s my native language.

      However, it will also help to understand the slang. The fastest way to learn slang would be to start with Benny Lewis’ principles: Speak from day 1.


  3. Gareth Martin

    My wife i a french teacher and she is always trying to get me to try and learn. I want to but its hard for us. I think this sounds like a great way to learn a second or third language. I will be trying the 15 day trial this week. It all sounds fun and a great way to learn.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Gareth,

      I believe that learning new languages will be easy for you as well if you choose the methods that are enjoyable. Of course, it’s hard to learn a language with techniques that are boring. Try FluentU and other resources that you can find on our website. I am sure that learning a new language will be easier and more fun than before.

      It only requires 10-15 min a day to make progress. The key is consistency. Practice every day rather than once or twice a week. Then little by little you come closer to fluency. In the long run you will recognize the progress.


  4. Simon Crowe in Asia

    Hi Roope, I can see how making learning fun and interactive can speed up your language learning and FluentU looks like a really good program.

    I’ve been living in Thailand for the last 2 years and I’m determined to get master the language. I see FluentU doesn’t have Thai language learning at the moment, do you know of any good programs or if FluentU have any plans to introduce Thai to their courses?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Simon,

      I am 100% sure that you will learn to speak Thai fluently you want. Practice makes progress.

      Have a look at Bliu Bliu. I am sure that they have also Thai language in their language program. There were even some languages that I have never heard about.

      I wish all the best for your Thai studies! Let me know if I you need any help and I will be happy to give my support.


  5. BooBish

    Thanks for reviewing what seems like an invaluable program.

    FluentU sounds like it’s not only effective but also entertaining. And the best way to learn is to have fun!

    Never heard of FluentU before. Your article covers the various features clearly and concisely. And it’s inexpensive, cheaper than taking a class or having a tutor.

    1. Roope Kiuttu Post author

      Hi Boobish,

      yes, in my opinion FluentU is much more fun and effective than going to a regular class where you would study grammar from the old text book lead by a teacher who got his/her education 30 years ago. Okay, of course I am exaggerating here but many times it goes like that 😀

      The fastest way to learn a new language is to do something you enjoy doing.


  6. Adesuwa08

    Ever since I started craving to learn a new language, I’ve been on the search for different platforms and ideas to the likes of this post.

    It’s the first time am hearing about FluentU but I’ve heard about yabla. I think fluentU is going to be a great platform. Maybe sometimes later I might try it out.


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